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A Madman's World- Hiatus

aLSO this is late to the party but if y’all have any questions about Judaism or Jewish culture I’d be happy to answer them!

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guuuuesssse who’s back for a few days!!!!!!!!!

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A special bonus for you Erica: Jo as drawn by my friend Abbie. 

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ragnarok-nroll said: ✍ Jo!

cutest super villain ever

the-mind-of-her-majesty said: no wait scratch that last prompt! How about Andromeda instead?

hellomynameisnessa said: ✍ Ava

anakluxmos said: ✍ Jules and Rory? :)



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anakluxmos said: Can I still send you a headcanon? So headcanon that Rory isn't really good with football and Jules decides to teach her. The first time she tries to kick a goal, the ball rebounds on the goal post and hits Rory on the head. And Jules laughs his head off ("Nice try") and Rory goes "Not a word" :)

(at first i was thinking american football and i was confused but then i realized)


yessssss. She probably hits Jules in the head a couple times too hahaha. It’s a good thing he’s patient. 

this is a little bit of a different style??? mostly this is just what happens when i freehand digitally

also what is shading i don’t even know

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