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2 things i’ve been meaning to make posts about

  • I realized that Gyriffindor really doesn’t suit him. He is now a Ravenclaw. I saw a post a little while about about different kinds of Ravenclaws and one was about social intelligence. That’s what Cillian is. He’s a genius when it comes to dealing with people and social situations. And for the record,he’s actually pretty book smart if he tries. He just doesn’t sometimes. 
  • Cillian struggles with anorexia, more specifically the purging type (which is different from bulimia- there’s no binging involved). It starts around his 4th year, and gets steadily worse from there. He was a chubby kid, and spent his entire childhood teased about it. His anorexia stems  partially from that, but also from a whole host of self-esteem issues that have nothing to do with that. It goes unnoticed for a while because he doesn’t really show obvious physical signs of having an eating disorder. Like, he isn’t painfully thin like is often expected of people with eating disorders, so no one ever considers it, even when his behavior gets a bit suspicious. Not to mention the fact that he’s male, so of course he can’t have a body image issue and an eating disorder. It gets written off. But by his 6th year, it’s bad enough that people start to actually notice. More on this as I do some more research.
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themoosesharkwriting said: What's Cillian's favorite subject? Is he loyal? How does he react to homophobia? Is there any type of person Landry finds intimidating/unsettling (ex: adults, criminals, doctors)? How does Quinn feel about strangers? What makes Quinn happy?


1. I would say muggle studies but that doesn’t really count, because the only reason he likes that class is because he can waste a whole class period laughing about how off everything is and blowing the professor’s mind with muggle facts he completely made up. His actual favorite is Charms, followed by Transfiguration

2. It depends. He’s quick to throw people he isn’t really close to under the bus. But if you’re close to him, yes, absolutely loyal. 

3. Outwardly, he seems to not give a shit. He says something snarky and then just goes about his business as usual. Inwardly, however, it really screws with him, whether he realizes it or not. He’s incredibly sensitive, and has enough self esteems issues to begin with. 

4. hMMm. Dentists. He doesn’t have any problems with doctors, but for whatever reason going to the dentist fucks him up. They literally have to sedate him just to clean his mouth, it’s ridiculous. Also, his Dad really really intimidates him. I’d even go so far as to say that his dad even terrifies him. In fact, one of his biggest fears in disappointing him, which is a huge huge huge part of the reason coming out of the closet is so nerve-wracking for him, and why it messes him up so bad when it goes just as badly as he thought it would. 

5. She hates strangers, just in the sense that in general she hates interacting with new people. She’s very closed off and curt  and untrusting and generally isn’t looking to make any new friends. 

6. SCIENCE. But actually, not even joking about that. To be more broad, learning things about the world in general makes her happy. She likes to understand how things work, why they exist, etc. It’s why she mostly reads a lot of non-fiction. The quiet makes her happy. Being around Robbie and other people she’s close to like Brianna and Reed makes her happy (even if she won’t always admit it)

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ask me questions about characters I don’t use often

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ask me questions about characters I don’t use often

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